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Everyone surely has a string of friends starting from childhood, college days, and ex-office friend and the string follows on, and friends are the best part of life, they play the most interesting and at times plays crucial role, Most memorable moments if you had to remember or to go on a trip we always hang on friends,  but one who loves bike and part of biking clubs makes different kind of friends gets the best part of adventure.

Bikers are most adventurous, UNITED, Angry, Determined, Unbeatable, Wild, Always ready for cause and Never Give-up attitude. 

If you love long rides and yet you are not part of any bike clubs or you want to explore other bike clubs, here is my first club on the list. 

Biking Buddies formed by eager minds of biker, here is what they have to say, 

Biking Buddies ” Thumping Since 2014 Social structure in India doesn’t encourage Adventure biking or cross country biking, hence the community was formed where in like minded bikers could interact and get enough encouragement to live life the way they wanted to, on the ROAD. Result, Biking Buddies has been consistently doing long distance riding since 2014 

when it was formed and as the miles clocked in the Biking Buddies Family and its members earned respect A philosophy of the Biking Buddies Family – “You can never come back from a ride”. This is one reason why true bikers feel the need to ride more often than others, to experience different places and interact with different people. And we at Biking Buddies are constantly looking for riders who share the same philosophy, look at the road the way we do and are eager to share their experiences. 

The brotherhood of bikers is where the true feeling of travel is shared, Anxieties & difficulties; adventures and flat tyres are better understood. Hence, it’s better to hear about places and people from a biker rather than from a guidebook or an arm-chair traveler. Travelogues on the site aren’t meant to spoon-feed a wannabe traveler about places to see, places to stay, etc. Instead they will be more about the rider’s state of mind and how did the place alter it. Strange lands can overwhelm or frighten you, can make you feel happy or sad and that’s what the travelogues will render to the reader, giving you a subconscious insight about the place and the rider.

Biking Buddies believe that the two elements can be best experienced on two wheels. The road and the ride teaches the rider a lot of things and the best way to realize it consciously is to share it with others.

As one Biking Buddies puts it, “but then there are times and places and people you want to describe your orgasms to. Biking Buddies – Romancing The Roads. Biking in India is not about speed or movement but rather, stillness. One can understand this only when he rides on the small lonely stretches absorbing the ever changing culture, people and customs. Biking Buddies was born out of passion. And we associate passion with just one thing: travel and cause.

For us there is no greater pleasure than picking up a bag, hopping onto a bike and setting off to explore uncharted terrains. It seems right to say that we plan our life around travel and not travel around life. We have clocked a couple of lakh miles across the globe by air, rail and road. But almost a quarter those were bike expeditions and those are our most cherished journeys. No motorbike does justice to road trips like the Royal Enfield. Being one of the countless followers that “Bullet” has built over the last 50 odd years, we are not being subtle when we call ourselves the Riders. You know where our loyalties lie. Nothing feeds the fire in your soul like following your dream. Our dream was this: to share our love for travel, to create a platform for fellow travelers and Biking lovers to come together and to give to them what these road trips have given to us- a chance to connect with our self.

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