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Cramp and pain almost shattered my dream.. I woke up with an Elephant on shoulder

I remember I was seeing this route map for almost a year, I have taken printouts and stuck everywhere from my office desk to bedroom, Ever time I saw this map, I felt so excited and happy, I’m going to ride on the same route one day,

For the last 90 days apart from routine physical workouts, I focused mainly to strengthen my lower back and shoulders.

On 26th of November Sunday morning, my daily routine started with the workout for my lower back and with lots and loads of excitement as I’m about to leave in next 24 hours to make my dream come true.

While working out I felt a little cramp in my back muscle, wasn’t a big deal at that moment.

09:30 I started to pack my things but just in few hours the intensity of the pain was enormous I was unable to sit or lean forward, packing my things became challenging. Every step and movement became very difficult, I sat down worried and left all packing to my wife and by 16:00 hours all packing was done and now we wanted to test the weight distribution and balancing of bike, since I was riding solo I preferred to take everything for my bike and me which resulted in 4 kits (details of kit and essential accessories and tools to carry will discuss on my later blog)

I called two of my friends to home and by now I was unable to pick up my saddle bag from the floor.

“Oh Damm man, I’m screwed”

With the help of my friends, I managed to test weight balancing,

19:00 Hours, Cramp on my lower back muscle was very severe, I felt like possessed, unable to look left or right and get up from the chair, painkiller tablets, spray, hot water bag, nothing helping.

I moved my steps inch by inch from living room to bedroom,

Oh god, save me, I’m totally screwed…

And by now I lost all hopes of beginning next day morning.

My body is 100% not supporting to stand on my legs, Deeply saddened and broken,

But I was so stubborn at heart I told my wife to wake me up at 4:30 AM, “She laughed and replied are you SERIOUS”

Normally most of us don’t feel sleepy when we have a road trip ahead, But I had two reasons not to sleep tremendous pain and excitement.

4 AM I’m awake but unable to get up from the bed. I just did not let tears roll out of my eyes.

 Gathered all strength and attitude. Literally, i got up from the bed as if I’m carrying an elephant on my shoulder, This moment reminded of Hercules and his adventure.

I got out of bed in my 5th attempt, Legs and hands shivering in cold, unable to stretch my body from hunchback position to stand straight, with the help of cupboard I finally stood straight

Determined and Got ready, my wife helped me and carry out saddle bag and kits and she tied all my kit on the bike.

Taking off the bike from the main stand was a great labor on DAY-1 of my journey.

With cramp and pain in my lower back, I shifted the first gear at 6:30 AM towards my dream and passion

On Day-1 I covered 630 KM and reached one of my friend home near Vijayawada.

Bangalore to Vijayawada roads are excellent, AH45

Day-2 towards Rajahmundry I followed the GPS and it leads me the shortest route it was through State highway.

Day-3 and Day-4 Thursday, I ignored GPS and covered 1900 KM in AH45 and I reached Kolkata around 22:00 hours.

All the fun and adventure started from Kolkata.

Procuring Myanmar Visa and why I could not get Myanmar Visa in Kolkata. Documents and procedure to get Myanmar visa I will share on my next blog.

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