Independence Day Ride in Andaman

An Epic Road Trip In Andaman Island 7 Days 6 Nights

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Independence Day Ride in Andaman

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  • Pick-up for Andaman from Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport on August 15th 6:20 AM flight.

    Traveler from other cities will be picked up from Port-Blair.

    For Any Question regarding pick and drop Please Contact Mr Suhail 9844608778 If you have any other question, please write below.

    We request you to bring your Own Riding Gears, as most of the terrain is challenging, and Please make sure to carry Rain Coats.

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 Pick up from airport and after lunch we will be visiting to most prominent carbyn cove beach followed by light and sound show in cellular jail for knowing freedom fighter’s struggle in Andaman.



Flag off for epic journey from Chidya Tapu at 6.15am to Rangat approx 175 km passing through tribal area in dense forest.

Lunch in Rangat then ride on to Dhani Nallah 800mtrs through mangroves reaching beautiful beach where turtle nesting is done to breed, and this is the place where sea turtles migrates from Poland.

And Back to Hotel for dinner and Rest.



Ride starts at 8 in the morning towards Diglipur approximately 130 KMS where we will experience offshore ride in some of the places.

We will reach the destination approximately at 13:00 hours and after lunch we will be heading towards one of the finest beach in Andaman, Ross and Smith Island in a Dingy Boat

Back to resort for a night party.



Diglipur to Port Blair return by BUS, Bike will be handed over for Return Shipping.



Sail to Havelock Island in Government cruise. Havelock is popularly known as the cleanest beach in India.

Enjoy the island overnight.


Back to Port Blair.

You are on own time to explore the city



  •  Air Ticket from Bangalore to Andaman and Return
  • Bike Transportation from Bangalore to Chennai and Shipping to Port Blair, and return till Bangalore
  • Packing and Shipping Insurance.
  • Luggage transfer vehicle.
  •  Inclusive of Breakfast, Vegetarian Lunch and Vegetarian Dinner, (Non Veg dependence on Availability)
  • Snacks twice a day.
  •  All Inter Island permits and Tickets.
  • Roadside assistance excluding Spare parts.
  •  Accommodation equivalent to 2 to 3 star hotel and Resort.
  •  Anything and Everything which is not mentioned in Tour Inclusions
  •  Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances like ill-health, damage accruing from land blocks, bad weather etc.
  • Additional accommodation due to unexpected situations or delay that May arise due to uncontrollable issues.

Package Cost


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RS 60,000 + GST 5%

Pillion Rider

RS 43,000 + GST 5%

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Mr Sushail

Andaman Vacation
+91 9844608778 and 9845456600

Mr Naren Raj


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Terms & Conditions

Terms & condition: Pick up bike for shipping origin Bangalore, if you are based from other cities, you have to find transportation to reach us in Bangalore; this fare is not inclusive of package. Alternatively if you transport your bike directly to Chennai Rs 1000/- will be reduced on the tour package.


Bike should be handed over in Bangalore at least 24days before the expedition for Shipping

Biking Buddies Bangalore

Everyone surely has a string of friends starting from childhood, college days, and ex-office friend and the string follows on, and friends are the best part of life, they play the most interesting and at times plays crucial role, Most memorable moments if you had to remember or to go on a trip we always hang on friends,  but one who loves bike and part of biking clubs makes different kind of friends gets the best part of adventure.

Bikers are most adventurous, UNITED, Angry, Determined, Unbeatable, Wild, Always ready for cause and Never Give-up attitude. 

If you love long rides and yet you are not part of any bike clubs or you want to explore other bike clubs, here is my first club on the list. 

Biking Buddies formed by eager minds of biker, here is what they have to say, 

Biking Buddies ” Thumping Since 2014 Social structure in India doesn’t encourage Adventure biking or cross country biking, hence the community was formed where in like minded bikers could interact and get enough encouragement to live life the way they wanted to, on the ROAD. Result, Biking Buddies has been consistently doing long distance riding since 2014 

when it was formed and as the miles clocked in the Biking Buddies Family and its members earned respect A philosophy of the Biking Buddies Family – “You can never come back from a ride”. This is one reason why true bikers feel the need to ride more often than others, to experience different places and interact with different people. And we at Biking Buddies are constantly looking for riders who share the same philosophy, look at the road the way we do and are eager to share their experiences. 

The brotherhood of bikers is where the true feeling of travel is shared, Anxieties & difficulties; adventures and flat tyres are better understood. Hence, it’s better to hear about places and people from a biker rather than from a guidebook or an arm-chair traveler. Travelogues on the site aren’t meant to spoon-feed a wannabe traveler about places to see, places to stay, etc. Instead they will be more about the rider’s state of mind and how did the place alter it. Strange lands can overwhelm or frighten you, can make you feel happy or sad and that’s what the travelogues will render to the reader, giving you a subconscious insight about the place and the rider.

Biking Buddies believe that the two elements can be best experienced on two wheels. The road and the ride teaches the rider a lot of things and the best way to realize it consciously is to share it with others.

As one Biking Buddies puts it, “but then there are times and places and people you want to describe your orgasms to. Biking Buddies – Romancing The Roads. Biking in India is not about speed or movement but rather, stillness. One can understand this only when he rides on the small lonely stretches absorbing the ever changing culture, people and customs. Biking Buddies was born out of passion. And we associate passion with just one thing: travel and cause.

For us there is no greater pleasure than picking up a bag, hopping onto a bike and setting off to explore uncharted terrains. It seems right to say that we plan our life around travel and not travel around life. We have clocked a couple of lakh miles across the globe by air, rail and road. But almost a quarter those were bike expeditions and those are our most cherished journeys. No motorbike does justice to road trips like the Royal Enfield. Being one of the countless followers that “Bullet” has built over the last 50 odd years, we are not being subtle when we call ourselves the Riders. You know where our loyalties lie. Nothing feeds the fire in your soul like following your dream. Our dream was this: to share our love for travel, to create a platform for fellow travelers and Biking lovers to come together and to give to them what these road trips have given to us- a chance to connect with our self.

Brought to you by Wandering Traders

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Sharing my Ride Experience at The Regency Public School Vidyaranyapura Bangalore

Yesterday i had wonderful time sharing my travel story of India to Thailand solo Road Trip with the beautiful, eager young minds of The Regency Public School Vidyaranyapura
Special Thanks to Principal Usha ravi Ma’am and Sridevi Rajgopal Ma’am.
Its indeed a wow moment for me.

The Next Generation Biker

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A ride to Ghost town “Dhanushkodi”

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Dhanushkodi also named as ghost town by then government of Madras, after a massive cyclone ravaged on the night of December 23, 1964, the entire town was submerged under water,a passenger train with 1200 peoples on board was halted on the bridge haled into the sea, many were missing, 1000 of bodies floating on the surface of the sea, surrounded by eagles and vulture for their pound of flesh, Many bodies have been buried without identity & mourning, very few peoples survived climbing the sand dune around the harbor. All kind of communication to outer world was destroyed, loud cries scream out of heart and sadness is mixed the air can be felt and heard. The peoples of Dhanuhkodi were doomed.

Approximately 2.5KM of town is still under the sea, In December 2004 the seawater subsided 0.5KM exposing the remanent which we see today.
In most videos and picture about Dhanushkodi online you will see an elderly man resting on the shades of devastated 300 year Portuguese church, living only with the memories of his family, He has a tattoo of his father name on his chest, mother name on his left hand, and sister name on the right hand, It’s been more than 5 decades, his voice trembles eyes fill with tears while he remembers the scream of his family,

Today more than 250 families are living in Dhanushkodi in spite of government declared the place as unfit for living, a 86 elderly man who also lost his family in cyclone narrates the life before 1964 destruction, Dhanushkodi was once a beautiful holy city with 500,000 population, Rameswaram was then a small town, Dhanushkodi is also holy place of Hindus and it is believed the holy journey ends only after dipping oneself in seawater of Dhanushkodi.

The Customs office was always busy with import and export trades. 1000 years old Hindu temple, the 300-year-old Portuguese church, thrill of standing on the edge of India, the Bay of Bengal on one side and Indian ocean on the other side and intertwining of both sea at a point where the major tourist attraction, Railway station connecting major cities.Ferry service to Talaimannar, Sri Lanka(25KM) via Dhanushkodi is the easiest and economic route preferred by most tourist,
But today we cannot call Dhanushkodi even as a village since the government restricts to build homes people’s lives in the shack, and travel to Rameswaram for every basic need, Electricity was never restored since 1964 and primarily depends on fishing.

A ride to southern Peninsula- Bangalore-Kodaikanal-Dhanshkodi-Bangalore.

It was a boring, sleepy Monday post lunch i decided to do something for fun excitement, as it was a long weekend, Monday i applied for leave and on Tuesday national holiday due to 71st Independence day. Therefore i planned to ride for the next 4 days

11th of Aug 9 PM, I was still in office due to heavy rainfall, meanwhile planned my route and checklist. 
Total estimated distance 1360 KM.

9:45PM its still raining,, no sign of relief from rain,, 
Yet I decided to ride home. 
I reached home cold and completely wet, had nice hot water shower and Packed all my luggage.
“It is wise to take bath previous night if you are riding the next day early morning, it helps to stick to schedule and get out of city at the earliest.”

It was 00:30 AM when i came to bed and it was still raining,

I woke up before the alarm hits 4:30 AM.

Got ready and wore all my protective gears, 

5:05 AM I was shocked and saddened when i opened the door. 

Damn “It’s still raining” 

5:30 slight change in the weather, the intensity of rain is slowed down, 
Finally left home at 5:40AM, 

There are two different routes to reach kodaikanal from Bangalore

Best route to reach kodaikanal from bangalore. 

465 KM in NH 44 & NH 183 Via Hosur, Salem Dindigul and Kodai Road to destination. The best, easiest and nearest route to reach kodaikanal, ride in 4 way lane till kodai Road and there are many highway hotels, snacks shops, fuel station and  by passing all the major cities, It is only in salem, that you ride through the city. 

451 KM NH83 and SH 166 though the total KM is less than route but need at least 3 hours extra to reach kodaikanal because of narrow state highways and village limits, and snacks shops, highway restaurant are good in Route-1. 

I choose to ride in route-1

The morning was beautiful and drizzling a perfect weather for bike ride lovers. I covered 56 KM in hour but soon the fun faded away

and in the next 1 hour i covered 1KM due to weekends traffic.

After crossing bangalore city Limits,, it was smooth & pleasure ride in NH44,  last 45 KM through the mountain pass reached Kodaikanal “srinivasapuram” at 5:30PM 

I choose to stay at Srinivasapuram kodaikanal as there is plenty of option like home stays, lodge and hotels. A room with basic facility like hot water, welcome tea & snacks, Internet Facility, Power Backup, and a morning tea/coffee will cost Rs2000 for 24 hours during season,, and the same hotel during off season you can check-in with 40 to 50 percent discount. and the best time to visit kodaikanal with family usually the long weekends with festival, summer season from april to july, and monsoon starts from July to August and winter from October to March. 

And the best time to visit kodaikanal for biker would be off season and monsoon, Roads are mostly narrow and curve, it’s hard to get rid of traffic line, as a biker you would like to stop if you spot a landscape or any interesting place and trust me you would not like to reach most places riding through intensive traffic and wasting lot of time. and there are many beautiful curvy roads with landscapes you would love to stop your bike and for a short break but make sure you don’t lit your cigarette mainly for two reasons. one, you don’t want to miscreant and reason for forest fire and two, Cops are always on patrol and on spot smoking fine in kodaikanal is Rs 300 per person. 

  I planned to visit more than 6 places, Left early morning 7AM a ideal time to begin sightseeing after visiting Kodai lake, Bear shola falls, poombarai village view, i was riding towards pillar rocks but after some times it didn’t make me sense to ride through traffic to each location, I started to ride to my next destination dhanushkodi point via rameshwaram 303 KM.  I covered 115 KM stayed that night in madurai and planned to ride early morning towards my destination. 

Rameshwaram also called as Pamban island, “The city with many legendary stories” required at least two to three full days to visit most important places, and the number of days can go higher on your interest,  located in south, very tip of Indian peninsula separated from Mainland India and connected by Pamban Bridge, 

Bikers preferably wear full sleeve cotton t-shirt unless you are comfortable to ride 28 to 35 degree Celsius with moderate humidity  

Most important place to visit in Rameshwaram
Ramanathaswamy Temple
Agni theertham
Rishi Agathiyar Temple and Theertham
Ujjaini kali Temple
Theerthas Inside the temple
Abhaya anjaneya Temple
Ramar paadham
Bathrakali Amman Temple
Sakshi hanuman temple
Nambu Nayaki Amman Temple
Jadaayu theertham
Ramar theertham
Lakshmana theertham
Pancha muki Hanuman Temple (Tulsi baba mutt)
Floating Stone(inside tulsi baba mutt)
Sita theertham
Egaantha ramar Temple
Dhanuskodi Ram Sethu view
Villoondi theertham (thrayambekeswarar)

Though the rameshwaram is an island, you can’t walk all seashores because most of the places are covered with rocks, thorny bushes. but here is the list of beaches attracts tourist. 
Agni theertham
Olaikkuda beach
Villoondi theertham
Kunthukal beach
Pamban beach
Ariyaman (Kushi beach) 

Dhanushkodi, Rameshwaram to Bangalore, Google map will suggest you via Trichy, Salem 589 KM, 11 hours ride and it is the nearest route to Bangalore but the route till Karaikudi, is mostly single road with two way traffic, and be aware of potholes, and bad roads,
Karaikudi to Trichy four way lane but looks deserted and less accessible,
Trichy-Namakkal-Salem, single road, two way traffic and reckless driving from truck drivers, 
It is only from Salem to Bangalore the roads are good

The best way to reach Bangalore from dhanushkodi 624 KM, 11 hours easiest ride is via Madurai, Dindigul, Salem NH44(AH43), the extra few miles will eliminate all the hitch, 

Madurai Land of Historical Monuments

Madurai, The land of rich cultural and heritage the birth of Madurai is dated back in 300BC, The existence of the city is written by Roman historian and lawyer Pliny the younger and Ptolemy on their books,  
While we are talk about Madurai the very first thing strikes our mind is the famous grand Madurai Meenakshi temple, situated on the bank of Vaigai river,  the city is developed around the temple in the form of lotus, The existence of the temple are dated in 7th century AD, and most the structures what we today was reconstructed in 1623 to 1655 by the Nayak ruler, Madurai kingdom was ruled, captured and recaptured by various kings and dynasties,

During 14th century, dispute among the pandyas over the thrown, weakened the kingdom taking advantage of the situation Delhi sultan Alauddin Khilji dispatched Malik Kafur and his army.

Malik Kafur a slave general in Alauddin khilji’s army led a series of successful battle against Yadavas, Kakatiyas, Hoysalas, along his way he plundered treasures, ravaging the city, suppressing Hindu worships and temples, killing & capturing innocents men and women. The message of his army marching towards Madurai was confirmed, knowing the consequences the five supreme priest who worshiped lord Meenakshi every day planned to save at least the sanctum of the temple, therefore they built a wall closing the main sanctum and replicated the Idol and jewels, Malik kafur as determined destroyed the replicated sanctum built by five priest, and the secret of the main sanctum was kept among the five priest all their life. 
After 48 years the Madurai was recaptured and reconstruction of Madurai temple was begun,  four priest had already passed away, it is when the last of the five supreme priest disclosed the secret about the main sanctum to the king,  when the wall was taken down the city astound to surprised, and it is believed and said in various books that the lamp in the main sanctum was lit and smelled fresh and sandalwood just exactly like day it was closed 

Believe it or not

I know, Scientifically it is hard to believe, but remember every invention of science is belief of some one The root of every scientific invention what we see today is Belief.